Collection: OPEN BOX INFO

Here at All Things Smelly we offer an Openbox Service

What is an Openbox?

An open box allows you to place orders and add them to your own box without paying shipping on each individual order. 

Then when you are ready to have it all shipped to you, you pay a one off shipping fee of £7.95 and all your orders that have been added to your box get shipped direct to you.

Also means you can grab any deals or special offers too and add them to your box without paying shipping on each individual order.

How do i start or add to my open box?

Simply place your order as normal and use code ADDTOOPENBOX  You will then see you have no postage to pay. Your order is then added to your box.

I'm ready to get my box shipped, how do i do it please?

Place an order as usual but add the Close Open Box option, which will then add the £7.95 postage. When you come to checkout add code CLOSEOPENBOX which will then mean you are not charged postage again.

Postage for an Open box is £7.95 and there is no weight limit.